Tips for Purchasing a Portable Oxygen Concentrator

 You might be needing an oxygen concentrator but wondering where to get it. An oxygen concentrator equipment that takes oxygen from the surrounding and converts it to concentrated oxygen for an individual to use. Before buying any excess oxygen concentrator, it is crucial to consider the things that I will outline in this article. 


The first thing that you need to do is to approach your primary physician for you to discuss how you are going to use the portable oxygen concentrator since you will be required to use a continuous flow or a pulse dose and this is determined by how he or she is going to advise you. Even before purchasing an oxygen concentrator, it is crucial to confirm with your insurance provider to see if the equipment is covered. Visit: for more information.


Before you make that final decision of purchasing an oxygen concentrator, you must contact the SpryLyfe  medical equipment company to see if they have any equipment that you can try before buying any. One thing that you need to know the is that they are different companies that provide portable concentrators and the portable concentrators differ from one company to another, and by researching well you will be able to find a device that can fit your personal needs.


Before purchasing any oxygen concentrator, it is vital to research the specification since this will enable you to know about how much the oxygen concentrator weighs and also how it functions.


Another important thing that you need to do is to call the manufacturer of the oxygen concentrator to get all the necessary information that you need about the device you are considering. You can find both used and new oxygen concentrator, but it is always recommended that you purchased it from a manufacturer who has a reputation. 


Before purchasing any unit, it is also required of you try it before making that final decision since you need to ensure that the portable oxygen is providing you with the oxygen that you need and it should also be able to meet all your travel and mobility needs. Ensure to get a trial period where you can monitor their portable concentrator, and it is also required of you to test the battery to see how they function. Last but not least purchasing an oxygen concentrator is an investment that you will be making and one thing that you need to know is that there will be some additional expenses such as purchasing of the battery which you should know beforehand. Find more information here:

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